Browser Maker Opera “Breached” by Malware

by Geek Squad Agent on ‎06-27-2013 03:54 PM (10,322 Views)

The intrusion was discovered by the Norwegian-based company on June 19. According to the official announcement of the breach posted on their website, “current evidence suggests a limited impact.” Once they gained access to the Opera internal network, the hackers used an expired certificate to put some malware on the system. Fortunately, the malware is easily detected by up-to-date anti-virus tools. If you are an Opera user on a Windows PC, make sure to update your anti-virus program and run it to make sure your system isn’t infected. (Better safe than sorry, right?)


Our friends at the Naked Security blog run by Sophos are doing a good job keeping track of this. If you are interested, check out their posts here.


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