Back to School: Connecting with Your College Kids via Technology (A Primer)

by Geek Squad Agent on ‎07-30-2012 11:07 PM (11,441 Views)



Laptops are often at the top of a student’s shopping list for college.  While mostly used for homework, papers and research, they’re also great for teleconferencing on the cheap.


Most laptops include built-in webcams which are great for audio/videoconferencing. Combined with programs like Skype (, Google Talk ( or FaceTime (, those Sunday night calls can be more meaningful, allowing everyone to see each other while they are talking.


Smartphone, Smart Choice 


Sometimes, regular phone calls are still the best option. Which is why a smartphone is a good choice. Many family plans allow free long distance so children and parents can reach out and talk as often as needed. Plus, many modern smartphones have front-facing cameras to enable you to use Skype, FaceTime or similar video chat apps while on the go – whether it be for a pre-exam pep talk, or at a pep rally before the big game.


Social Networking Made Simple


With more parents (and grandparents) joining social networks, students can keep everyone up to date with Facebook ( or Google+ ( College life can be hectic at times, so the ability to upload stories about college classes, photos of dorm life, or recorded videos make it easy for loved ones to keep up on their students’ busy lives.


Of course, while getting their children set up with the technology to keep in touch, parents will also want to make sure their own home tech is up to the task.  Geek Squad Agents can help to ensure the home network is setup, safe and secure, and the home computer is free of malware and ready to go for reaching out to their loved ones. Even if it’s only so their kids can ask for more “laundry” money.


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