Android Market becomes Google Play

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Why the name change? Google wants to become content-centric and has decided to make their Android Market service into an “entertainment hub”, offering music, films and books on top of the Android apps and games already supplied by the service.


What does this mean for me?


The most noticeable difference is the name and icon change. You will now need to keep an eye out for “Play Shop” as your source for new apps and the icon is now more colourful than the original green and white shopping bag. Google Play can be accessed from your computer’s web browser in the same way as Android Market and will divert you to the new address of


You will start seeing digital books, music and films appearing in the Play Shop which are available for sale or rent. This content can be downloaded to your Android phone or tablet in exactly the same way apps are downloaded. In fact, you don’t even need an Android device to enjoy the new services! You can download media content from Google Play using any computer that can access the internet.


When will you see the new Play Shop?


Play Shop has already started rolling out across the globe, and the website has already been updated. If your phone or tablet still shows the Market icon, open the app and agree to the new terms and conditions (once you’ve read them and are happy with the changes, of course). Shortly after you accept the terms, the Market icon will change and you will be granted access to the Play Shop.


-Agent Peter C.
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