An Agent’s Ultimate Playbook to the Big Game.

by Geek Squad Agent on ‎02-05-2012 01:08 PM (18,172 Views)

Gather Your Roster: There’s no better way to watch the big game than with a big crowd, so make sure all of your friends are on time for kickoff by sending them an email invitation to your party. Create an email-able football-themed invite on a website like, Choose from dozens of football templates, customize it with your text and send it out to your network – for free! These sites are quick and simple for the time-constrained party planners and will rally spirits before game day.


Bring in Reinforcements: Buffalo wings. Nachos. Chips and dip. You know your guests will be expecting these tasty treats, but what’s your game plan for cooking them? Geek Squad Agents suggest using your apps to make your apps! Smartphone apps, such as Cook’s Illustrated(iPhone, free), Healthy Recipes – 200k Recipes From SparkRecipes(BlackBerry, free), Party Food Recipes (Android, free) and Weber’s On The Grill (iPhone, $4.99) have thousands of simple recipes that are sure to score you the extra point with your party guests.


Go the Distance: Make sure your television is the right distance and height from your couch so you and your guests feel like you’re front row center on the 50 yard line. Geek Squad Agents recommend you should be able to comfortably see the screen without moving your eyes from right to left or up and down. If you prefer a more precise measure, they recommend a distance that’s about two times the size of the screen. For example, 4 feet away from a 24-inch TV or 8 feet away from a 48-inch TV. The height of the TV is also very important for optimal viewing. Geek Squad suggests putting the TV at a height of about 48 inches and no more than 15 degrees above eye level. However, higher mounting is an option and should be used if you have an extremely large viewing area.


Call an Instant Replay:  Corporations throw down the big bucks for airtime during the big game because they know commercials have become as much a part of the tradition as the game itself. Use your DVR to create your own instant replay on your favorite spots. You’ll be sure to catch every ad so you can take part in the “best and worst” chatter with your colleagues on Monday. If you’re going to be away from your TV and forgot to set your DVR to record the big game, don’t worry. Wireless TiVo is available – just set your box via any high-speed Internet connection. And with the TiVo Desktop service, you can transfer the program to a portable device or computer and catch up on the action in between meetings or travels. You can even program your DVR from your phone using apps, such as those from TiVo (iPhone, free), DirecTV (iPhone, Android, free) and Verizon Fios (iPhone, Android, free).


Go Mobile: If you can’t watch the big game, never fear, your smartphone could be the answer. There has been an explosion of sports applications for smartphones and tablets. The apps can give you the latest updates, scores, news, standings and live game details. iPhone and Android devices offer a variety of free apps including ESPN ScoreCenter, NFL Mobile and WatchESPN.


De-clutter Your Coffee Table: You want space for all your snacks and drinks, not all those remotes! A Geek Squad Agent can show you how to de-clutter your coffee table by consolidating your remotes with a universal remote. Operating the many complex components of your entertainment system is as easy as the touch of a button. Universal remotes can also control your lights and electronic blinds in your new home theater. Geek Squad offers Remote Control Setup both online and in-home.


To learn about programming a universal remote, check out Geek Squad’s how-to videos on


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