Americans Abroad: How to Send Postcards Back Home from Your Smartphone

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Sending physical postcards to your loved ones via a smartphone app sounded like a dream just a few years ago, but now you can snap a photo and get it sent to your family in just a few clicks! There are numerous postcard making apps available, for Android-powered smartphones and iPhones. We’re here to help you stay in touch with a little personality and flair this summer.


How do I send a postcard from my smartphone?


Picture this (pun very much intended); halfway through your summer holiday, you decide to send a postcard to a friend back home. First you have to find a shop to buy a postcard, spend ages searching for something suitable, find somewhere flat to write the card and then find out your pen has run out of ink. After all that, it’s usually a certainty that you won’t be able to find a post box for miles as well. If you’re anything like me then this seems like a little too much work for someone supposedly enjoying their holiday.


Thankfully, some innovative mobile app developers have created postcard apps for Android-powered smartphones and iPhones. There are several options available, each app allows you to snap a photo on your handset, personalise it and have it sent to a friend. A few days later, a printed copy of this postcard will arrive on their doorstep. (Winning.) 


How to Use POSTAGRAM for Android and iPhone


One of the biggest selling points of this app is that it integrates Instagram, Facebook and your phone’s photo album into one simple interface. Once your photo has been selected, you can then add a short message, along with your name and a photo of yourself, to truly personalise your postcard. Where Postagram really impresses is that the photo can later be popped out of the postcard. So even after the message in the postcard is no longer relevant, your friend still has a great photo to keep for years to come. With postcards only costing 99c, (£0.64) and the first 5 free, this really is impressive. (Available via iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.)




(Please note, this App costs £0.69 to download via the App store, your first postcard is free, and subsequent postcards carry a minimal postage cost depending on recipient’s location)

Snapshot offers a simple set of controls to add a photo, a suitable border if necessary and fill out your message on the back. The app has several font choices for the front of the card but strangely doesn’t offer a way of changing the font for the message on the back.


This app certainly seems the most straightforward out of the apps reviewed here, but is the only one to have an odd way of purchasing credits. Rather than an in app purchase it requires either a Paypal account or a credit/debit card. The app comes with the first print free which is a great way to try out the service. Available through the iTunes App Store. 




(Please note, this App is free to download via the App store, but postcards carry a £1.93 cost)


 This app is provided by a professional photographer and has some advantages over the competition, as well as a few limitations. It is free to download but there is a cost associated with sending postcards.

Like most postcard apps, you can send your creation to multiple recipients. What makes this one unique is that you can’t edit the photo on the front, but you are able to hugely personalise the back of the card. There is a handy guide available when you first start the app, so you’ll probably be creating masterpieces in minutes.


Cards cost $3 (£1.93)  but with the amount of personalisation available this is quite reasonable. It would have been nice to have a free first print like the other apps though. 


By Agent David Clayton (UK)

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