Agent Tim’s Personal Top Android Game Picks

by Geek Squad Agent on ‎10-17-2012 07:56 PM (24,398 Views)

The Enchanted Kingdom


A fantasy-puzzle game that takes players through a realm of dragons, knights and other fairy tale creatures. With many diverse puzzle games and over 50 levels to adventure through, this free storytelling adventure will pass the time while it helps build your mental muscle.




A new take on a zombie adventure! In this game you are a blacksmith, and your world has been taken over by a curse. It is up to you to defeat the curse. Your main companion is an ill-tempered , uncooperative zombie head. You have swords, crossbows and a musical horn to complete quests, solve puzzles and beat monsters as you seek to save the world.


Star Splittter 3D


Moving from fantasy into sci-fi, this graphically brilliant star fighter game brings together the worlds of Wing Commander and Starcraft. In this flight simulator game you complete missions, upgrade your ship and destroy space monsters. Star Splitter 3D is not your typical mobile game and will require high-powered hardware to play.


Cosmic Colony


Are you into creating your own world? Then Cosmic Colony may be just the game for you. This Sim City-style game puts you in the shoes of an architect /astronaut who has been sent to build, maintain and expand a space colony on a distant planet. With the help of your trusted scout robot E.A.R.L., your goal is to build your colony while exploring the vast uncharted lands of the Planet Mochwoi.


Angry Birds


In this now-classic mobile game, you advance through levels by using a slingshot to hurl specially-powered birds at a variety of structures. Your goal is to move through each level (using the fewest birds possible) while making sure the evil Pig kingdom members are crushed under the rubble of the buildings you destroy. With many expansion packs, Angry Birds provides players with substantial problem solving opportunities and Pig-ageddon. (It’s a word. Look it up.)


From free games to those that cost a few bucks, the Google Play app market has gaming entertainment for all ages and gamer styles! These are just a small taste of the massive market place, so check out Google Play on your device and make your own top five. You will never have a boring airport wait or family car trip cross country again!

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