A Day in the Life of a Field Agent

by Geek Squad Agent on ‎02-03-2015 09:30 PM (44,067 Views)

As televisions become better and the images they display more life-like, they have become more complicated. Gone are the days when you only had three tuning knobs to fuss with. And forget about those rabbit-ears. Modern televisions can receive content through no less than four distinct input types (coaxial, HDMI, USB and Ethernet cables). Which doesn’t even include wireless connectivity. Or the surround-sound system. Fortunately, we have the Agents to handle it.


Recently, a writer for the Anniston (AL) Star newspaper went on a ride-along with David Champion, a veteran Field Agent working out of the Best Buy store in Oxford, Alababma. It’s an interesting look into the life of an important but under-recognized segment of the Geek Squad team.(Off to Work With) A Professional Geek by Lisa Davis

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