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preordered the digital of Hogwarts Legacy before $10 bonus added..

Hi, I preordered the digital deluxe Xbox version of Hogwarts Legacy, and it didn’t say the $10 bonus reward certificate when I did. I was just checking the page for the item again, and now it says it comes with one. But this isn’t added to my order as it was BEFORE that showed up. So how do I get the $10 bonus? It would be extremely unfair if I preordered and didn’t get it because I didn’t wait until the last few days…
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Re: preordered the digital of Hogwarts Legacy before $10 bonus added..

Hey there, IonaShepard! 


I appreciate you reaching out and joining us here on our community forum. I am a huge gamer myself, so I understand wanting to make sure all of the bonuses are applied. However, I would be happy to investigate into this regard.


In order for me to do so, kindly private message your:


Full name

Phone number

Email address

Order number


All the best,

Kayden|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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