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another Lego Star Wars Steelbook issue

Hi Team,

I preordered the Lego Star Wars game waaaay back in May of 2020.  I've stuck by the preorder for nearly 2 years... 2 years!  to get the stupid steelbook.  And then when the game finally comes out, the steelbook is "delayed" (even though they had it at the store, they would not let me claim one...) and now this morning I got an email that my steelbook has been canceled.


There are very few reasons to preorder games anymore and 'unique' collectables like this are the only thing that makes me plunk down the money at Best Buy.  I am really disappointed that the response has just been like, welp, sorry, too bad for you even though you preordered this YEARS ago you are simply out of luck.


Any assistance is appreciated



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Re: another Lego Star Wars Steelbook issue

Hey there, Adam,


Thank you so much for reaching out to us here on our community forums. Although, I can understand wanting this awesome collectible as quickly as possible. 


I would love to investigate this matter. To do so, kindly private message us your:


Full name

Phone number

Email address

Order number


I will keep an eye out for your message.


All the best,

Kayden|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: another Lego Star Wars Steelbook issue

If anyone else is having this issue, FYI the response is basically "Too bad."  I am extremely disappointed and frustrated with Best Buy's lack of support in this situation.