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Xbox not delivered

I ordred an xbox x bundle and it was to be shipped to my store and was suppsoed to be here on the 5th but it never arived. I have called cusstomer service 4 times and went by the store to see if they could help and the only answer I get is "its in tansit".  Should I give up, give it a few more days, or buy it from amazon becasue no one at best buy seams to want to help me.

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Re: Xbox not delivered

Hello, consci,


Welcome to our online community.


We appreciate you joining our community Forum for support with your order. Anticipating the arrival of your Xbox, only to have the order delayed can be quite frustrating, this I can attest to from my own experience. We regret the order delay, as this is not the kind of experience that we want for our customers. I would like to look into your order to see what is happening. To begin, please send a Private Message including your full name, email address, phone number, and order number. Click on the blue button next to my signature below to send a Private Message.


I look forward to assisting you.



Lisa|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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