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XBOX All Access

Is the financing and availibility dependent on what Best Buy has in stock or does it matter what Microsoft has in stock at their warehouse? Just curious as I want to upgrade to Series S and need some more info.

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Re: XBOX All Access

Interesting question. 


It makes me wonder how Microsoft can roll out a program like that when they cannot even supply stores with consoles.


reading some details in other sites, 


You have to get the console on your own and financing will be arranged through Citizens Bank of 24 monthly payments.  No early pay off allowed. 


It really is not a subscription for the Xbox or rental. It is financing. The Xbox Live aspect for 2 years is a subscription. 


Total financing is $600

2 years of game pass is $120

Xbox 1 S is $300

Finance charge would be $180 or $7.5 a month.


If you cannot make payments you have to forfeit the machine.

It if has a warranty issue in the first year you go through Citizens Bank.

After the first year you are on your own. Controllers are less than a year


I think one would be better off with a Best Buy Credit Card.  Right now they are offering 12 months interest free on the console and rewards.  Payments on a $300 unit would be $25 for 12 months.  


Plus if you have Total Tech Support you are covered for 2 years, or until your TTS expires.

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Re: XBOX All Access

Hi there, hockeycanuckjc,


Thanks for reaching out to us with this great question! The Xbox All Access program is a pretty cool program, but with it being new I can understand having some questions about how this works. I'd be happy to provide some more details and help try and clarify this.


While payments are made directly Citizen One, Best Buy fulfills your order and ships out this console so availability would depend on our current availability. During the checkout process you will have the opportunity to provide some basic details about yourself to see if you are eligible for this financing option.


You can find some more details about this program here, but please let me know if you have more questions I can help with!

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