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What makes Linear FPS games interesting and fun?

Ok, so recently for research purposes I've been going thru linear FPS trying to find whats enjoyable on them.

Games like Dishonored, half-life series, Bioshock, and several CoD (single player version), F.E.A.R series, Serious Sam, Wolfenstein and few other, but the only games that surpassed other games are Half-Life 2, and F.E.A.R 3 and the only reason at least for me is because they gave me freedom to move around, back and forth during the entire game, the levels were just big enough for me to explore around and still focus on the combat. While other games restricted that, those two games gave like freedom to do what I wanted, in HL2 I would go thru a mission in 2-3 different ways, and I could use physics, and other stuff to have fun killing the enemies..

But anyway, what do you guys find enjoyable on linear FPS games?

On the multiplayer side is that competitiveness keeps players to keep playing, but what makes the players keep playing linear FPS games?

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Re: What makes Linear FPS games interesting and fun?

Technically Wolfenstein, Dishonored and some others are not linear games. Any game in which you can choose your path is not strictly linear.


The older Tomb Raiders are more linear.  They are basically a dot to dot puzzle.  


Personally I am not terribly much in to multiplayer games (mostly becuase I am horrible at them).  Notible exceptions would be those that you need coop to finish a mision, or you can play a mission coop. 



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