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What is the best way to use my 55inch tv for pc gaming?

I recently bought an HP TG-0023w gaming PC that has a 1650 super in it, so I an only running 1080p games. My question is - what settings/resolution should i be using if i want to game on my 4k tv? When i first hooked it up, it appeared to be a condensed/zoomed in version of my desktop at 4k. But games were running slow. Is there a best practice in order to get the best results?

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Re: What is the best way to use my 55inch tv for pc gaming?

Honestly I would not recommend it.  TV displays are not suited for it becuase of refresh rates and compatibility issues between the GPU and the TV decoder.  You may have a difficult time getting a decent result.


However, it does not hurt to try. 


All you should need is an HDMI cable to run from your computer to an HDMI input on your TV


I have tried in the past and the results have been less than satisfactory. 


A TV also may not support variable refresh rate.  If you TV only has a 60 hertz refresh rate things may not be smooth. 


I would suggest saving up for a QHD Gaming monitor. Depending on the GPU in your computer.

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Re: What is the best way to use my 55inch tv for pc gaming?

Many televisions that are modern, unless its a good brand name the resolutions on the TV are super zoomed in at 1080p that was my experience connecting many laptops I owned to TV's 


I don't understand the issue at hand as the graphics card can understand the command I send it to the control panel to unzoom but games don't understand it. 

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