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Warriors orochi 4 pre order costumes

All of the major retailers are doing bonus pre order costumes for this game, but i dont see anything on best buy, are you guys gonna add this to your offer soon? Or not at all?
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Re: Warriors orochi 4 pre order costumes

I too would also like to know this. The games publisher has posted that Best Buy will offer the preorder bonus.


The pre-order bonus is listed here:

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Re: Warriors orochi 4 pre order costumes

Hey Everyone,


Welcome to the forums and thanks for sharing your interest in pre-ordering Warriors Orochi 4 from us.


At this time, the only pre-order bonus we’re offering for this title is a $10 Best Buy E-Gift Card. It’s possible that additional offers may be added before release, so I recommend keeping an eye on for any updates on bonuses for this title.


Happy Gaming!

Michael M|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Warriors Orochi 4 Preorder Codes

I had a question regarding Warriors Orochi 4.  Tecmo Koei posted on Twitter a few days ago that all of the supported retailers for the game would be offering the pre-order bonus code (Costumes for 10 different characters) upon purchase as stated here: 


They specifically stated when asked that if the retailer is listed on the Tecmo Koei website as being a supported retailer that they will have the preorder code available.  If anyone in Best Buy Gaming Support can shed some light regarding this pre-order bonus, I would greatly appreciate it!



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Re: Warriors Orochi 4 Preorder Codes

Koei Tecmo Twitter Link 


Sorry that the link I posted did not work.  Hopefully this will be sufficient.  Best Buy is listed as one of the 'supported retailers' so I am hoping these codes do show up Smiley Happy