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Warning about digital codes


I was surprised to see a lot of post complaining that they didn’t get their code, one of them even mentions a wait time of nine days.

I cannot understand how a digital game code can take so long, other stores send you the code immediately. If Best Buy has a “verification process”, I have no idea what they’re trying to verify, do they run a background check on you?. What kind of verification they need to do when you buy the digital game in person in store with your credit card? I just don’t understand.

I think there’s something fundamentally wrong with their process of providing these codes and if they value their clients they should suspend this service until they fix this and the only fix acceptable is to send the code immediately. Now you have to wait for a digital code the same time you wait for UPS to deliver a physical copy of the game. This is ridiculous.

This was the first and last time I buy a digital game from Best Buy.
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Re: Warning about digital codes

That's interesting.  I have never had a problem with a digital game purchase ever since I purchased Assassins Creed Black Flag back in 2014


My last one was Anthem. 


And I know a lot of people who have also received code after code after code. 


I like the digital purchase as all i have to do is paste in the code and wait for it to finish installing. 



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Re: Warning about digital codes

Hello, digitalcodescks,


Purchasing a digital code for a game or a movie is my favorite way to shop. I’m a fan of not waiting and enjoying instantly, we appreciate the time you’ve taken to join our community to express your concerns regarding our ordering process for digital content. I’d be happy to shed some further light on this for you.


All orders placed on do undergo a checks and balance kind of process called verification. This process includes double checking a variety of information noted on your order. A couple examples would be like billing address matches what your financial institution has on hand or that your order adheres to our Term & Conditions. We strive to fulfill orders promptly, however, sometimes things outside of our control may prevent that from happening. I apologize if you had personally made a purchase recently that wasn’t fulfilled as expected. We sincerely appreciate your feedback.



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