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Videogame Preorder Debt Card Issue

I've preordered Fallout 76's Power Armor edition a few weeks ago on
Unfortunately two days ago I found suspicious charges on the debt card I used to preorder the game.
I've since reported fraud and destroyed the card, and have a new one coming in soon.
However, I noticed when I go to my order online and try to make a change to the payment method, it's greyed out and won't let me.
I really don't want to lose this game, I'm a huge Fallout fan and losing this would really stink.
Is there something I can do?
I don't currently have my new card, but as soon as I get it I want to get this resolved ASAP as I'm worried I'll lose my preorder since its been sold out the day I got mine preordered.
Any help would be much appreciated!
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Re: Videogame Preorder Debt Card Issue

I've read in a different thread of someone who went through this. Let me tell you it didn't end so well. Apparently Best Buy sent him an email to update his credit card within 48 hours, which he claimed he never received. Because the 48 hours were up they canceled his order. I would suggest calling them and explaining the situation.
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Re: Videogame Preorder Debt Card Issue

This stinks, I hope I can get a response :/ I'll wait until I get my card in the mail and then I'll call, thanks for the info! Do you know the number to call to contact them?
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Re: Videogame Preorder Debt Card Issue

Hey Joey99 –


Welcome to the forums and thanks for your pre-order. Having a card compromised is something I’ve gone through too, and I know first-hand now disruptive it is. Case in point with your Fallout 76 pre-order. That said, we definitely don’t want you losing out on your pre-order because of a compromised card, so I’ll be happy to advise you here.


Firstly, let me say that there is a chance for your order to be canceled here, but I want you to have the best chance at retaining it. If you currently don’t have the option to update your form of payment on, calling us at 1-888-BestBuy is your best move going forward. If we’re able to update your form of payment over the phone, this should trigger a reauthorization on you order, which is the stage that can cause cancelation by the system.


Before calling in, verify with your bank that the billing details listed on match what the bank has on file, as any discrepancy can cause a failed authorization. Additionally, the reauthorization will result in another temporary hold for the order total, so if the funds are not available when you call in this could also cause a failure. If all your information matches and the funds are available on your new card, you should be ok going forward. Let us know if you have any other questions before you call.


Best Wishes,

Michael|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Videogame Preorder Debt Card Issue

Thanks very much Michael! I actually spoke to Robert today and then Chris to not only get my order resolved (currently have the hold now pending on my credit card this time just in case something happens) but also will be able to get the beta code by email too! I appreciate all the help the BB team has given me, I was worried I'd lose my entire order completely.