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Re: Super smash

Hello, I have a similar question to Manuel. If I ordered online for instore pickup will I still be able to pick it up during the midnight release?



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Super Smash Bros Ultimate in store preorder bonus

I got a $5 preorder smash bros ultimate card in store, and I am wondering if I still get the preorder bonus with it (the souvenir coin).

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Smash Bros. Special Edition STILL hasn't shipped?

I pre-ordered the Smash Bros. Special Edition for Switch months ago along with all of the new amiibo. The amiibo all shipped yesterday as expected, but the order for the game itself is still "processing!" What is going on, are you going to mail it out with one-day shipping today? Why didn't it go out yesterday with everything else!?
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Question about Super Smash Bros preorder

So I ordered Smash at my local Best Buy but want to go to a different location for pickup. Is that possible or do I have to go to the same location I pre-ordered it from?
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SSBU Shipping Question

I have a copy of of Smash Bros Ultimate preordered that’s been “preparing” to ship since yesterday morning. I was wanting to know if it will still get here by tomorrow?
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GCU order for Smash ultimate not shipped

Not sure if anyone’s has shipped yet but it’s supposed to be delivered tomorrow and still let’s me change the order indicating it hasn’t even hit packaging stage yet. Anyone else’s actually ship yet? Delayed?

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Re: Smash Ultimate Midnight release?

Hello all-


The excitement is palpable for the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!  Let’s get to some of these questions:


Jcoolnarv- if your store is not listed on the website as participating, I wouldn’t count on them being open.  I can only suggest contacting them for more information.


Hemoxz – all pre-orders should receive the bonus souvenir coin.


Captainamericow – in general, we are not able to switch pre-orders to a different store because of inventory restraints.  Based on the release date, we would not be able to move your pre-order to another store.


FtbyPhil/MichaelG - We do our best with every pre-order to ensure it’s delivered, or available for pickup, as close to release as possible by shipping it out at a level of service needed for it to arrive at your door on the release day. While we hit our mark the vast majority of the time, there can be logistics or supply issues outside of our control that may delay your order’s delivery. Please be sure to keep an eye on your inbox and order status page for further updates.


Thanks and enjoy the midnight release if you attend!

Bill|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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SSBU Preorder still hasn't shipped?

Is there any way to check internally if my order shipped and the customer facing system just hasn't updated yet? I'm supposed to get the game on launch day tomorrow, but somehow my order hasn't shipped yet. I don't see why something retailers have had for weeks wouldn't have labels printed days in advance and just be dispatched from the local warehouse a day or two early. Should I just cancel my preorder and place one for in store pickup for tomorrow which the site says I can do, or is that showing in error as well? Also someone else cancelled their order and still got billed $60 for the promo coin, if I cancel, how do I avoid that, if the system won't let me cancel the coin?

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Re: SSBU Preorder still hasn't shipped?

EDIT: Tracking number for the game just came in, the coin still says preparing so not sure if it will ship separately or if they are both coming at the same time, but at least this is a sign of progress, hopefully it's shipping locally and comes tomorrow.
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Re: Smash Bros. Special Edition STILL hasn't shipped?

The game is probably coming from a different warehouse than the amiibo, hence why it is shipping out separately.  There is no guaranteed release day shipping from Best Buy, just a goal to make it there on that date.  Depending where you live & origin of the product, ground shipping can get to you the next day (former UPS Manager).  Example is that items shipping from Ohio via ground, can make it to Indiana, Ohio, & Michigan the next day.  That is also not a guarantee from shipping carriers, just that it can happen.