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Store won't fill my Lego Star Wars Steelbook order

I pre-ordered Lego Star Wars way back in Jan 2020, just before my GCU discount expired.  The steelbook has been associated with my order isnce it was announced.  I've waited the last 2+ years patiently, waiting for the game's release.


Day finally arrived this week.  The night before release, I got 2 seperate emails - one confirming my game was ready to be picked up the next day, and another stating that "Your pre-ordered item is not quite ready for pickup," showing the sttelbook as the item.


I figured it was just an anomoly that would be fixe by release day, so the next day, I went to the store to pick up my preorder.  The game ceratinly was ready, but they would not give me a steelbook.  Mind you, there was a stack of them at the pickup counter for other orders.  They just wouldn't give me one.  Beyond the obvious frustration, a colleague of mine didn't even place their order until a month or 2 ago, yet they got their steelbook.  Given the age of my order, I should have been at/near the top of the list to get one.


What can I do to get my promised item?  As it stands right now, my order page says "This item has been delayed. We're working to get it to you within the next few days."   That's so untrue, since there was a stack at the store on Tuesday - 2 days ago.

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Re: Store won't fill my Lego Star Wars Steelbook order

Hello, Phanatic 


Thanks for connecting with us. As an avid gamer myself, I can certainly understand the concern around your Pre-Order Bonus (POB) steel book. 


With the order being placed for in-store pick-up. The best course of action for resolution would be to partner with store leadership on remaining copies. Order allocation can play a role, as there are hundreds of orders placed for this highly anticipated game either placed at the same time or sooner. 


Keep in mind physical bonuses are of limited quantity, we do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. 


Kind regards, 

Mark|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Store won't fill my Lego Star Wars Steelbook order

Yeah, that answer doesn't help at all.  As I mentioned, I did try to take it up with store staff, and was denied.  And while I'm sure it's possible that "hundreds" of copies were ordered, I highly doubt they were all placed 2+ years ago, as mine was.  Should be a first-ordered, first-served.  As I said, I know someone who ordered recently who did get one.  


I'm well aware that these bonuses are in short supply.  That's why I haven't switched my order to "Ship Instead".  From other threads on this board, it looks like the Xbox/PS steelbook cases are no longer available.  If I switch, I risk loisng my store order, and not getting it fulfilled via shipping.


This is why I reached out here.  Is there a way to confirm there are steelbooks availalbe to fill long-standing orders?  Or can someone from BB Corporate intervene, and contact my local store to find ou why they won't fill my order?