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SSBU Preorder help

I preordered a physical copy of super smash bros ultimate and I'm wondering when I will receive it. Will it arrive on the day of release or will it ship on day of release?
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Re: SSBU Preorder help

The ideal that Best Buy will strive for is you should get it in the mail on release day. 


Be aware that your credit card has not been charged yet only authorized.  Anywhere up to a week before release you will get charged for the game. So make sure you have sufficient funds in the account. This probaly already happened.


For some reason the update system lags behind and it might not even show as shipped until release day.  


I have only ever had one game not arrive on release day and that was my fault for pre-ordering on the Saturday before a Tuesday release day. 


However, one needs to be aware that this is the Super Ultimate most busy shipping time of year and Best Buy has zero control over UPS and USPS so there is a chance you won't see it until Saturday or Monday. 

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