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Resident Evil 3 early release event 4/2



I've been hearing a lot of reports from friends that their Best Buys are saying they haven't heard about the 4/2 early release event for Resident Evil 3, which can be seen here on Best Buy's video game event page:


My store doesn't open for another 2 hours, but I wanted to reach out to the support staff on this page and see what kind of communication is going out to stores regarding this as it seems retail staff are not being told.

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Re: Resident Evil 3 early release event 4/2

Between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Thursday, April 2, you can go to a Best Buy store and be one of the first to get this game for PS4 or Xbox One.

Pre-order online and select Pick up in cart. Your order will be brought to you using Curbside Pickup.


Not so much an event as letting you know how you can get it on release day

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Re: Resident Evil 3 early release event 4/2

The game's official release date is tomorrow, 4/3, but Best Buy is advertising an early pickup for preorders today from 3-6pm. I'm worried that my store might not be giving me my game today based on the lack of communication I've been hearing from other stores so far today.
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Resident Evil 3 Early Release Event

I just called my local Best Buy where my copy of Resident Evil 3 is preordered at. They say they have their copies of the game, but they aren't releasing it until tomorrow. I informed them of the special release cited for today between 3pm and 6pm on the Best Buy website, but the person I spoke to completely disregarded it.

The same thing happened with the release of Doom Eternal. Why is there such a disconnect between stores and what the website states?
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Re: Resident Evil 3 early release event 4/2

My Best Buy knew nothing about this either. I actually had a supervisor get his phone and Google "best buy game event" and click the first link. Took him straight to the page that states it's releasing today. Puts me on hold and comes back and just says to pre-order it and see what happens, that their GM just received an email about this and that the company is trying to work this out. Umm.... ok so they're trying to work it out? It's already posted online for thousands of people to see and you decide to work it out after the fact? Nah, if anything this was a mistake on Best Buy's behalf and should honor this event.

I'm going to ride down there here shortly and see if they'll honor it. If not I'll be canceling and just purchase digital so it'll be ready in the morning.

So frustrating... there needs to be better communication about this
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Re: Resident Evil 3 early release event 4/2

Tried calling the store I had it pre-ordered at. Telling me they can't release it until tomorrow. Explained I did the same thing with Doom Eternal, and the guy just had to scan it and let it go. Explained that it's on the website that I can pick it up. It was in one ear and out the other - did not care.

You guys should really communicate this stuff to your stores.
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Re: Resident Evil 3 early release event 4/2

Good morning, everyone,


Thank you for pre-ordering your copies of Resident Evil 3 with us.  As someone who’s been looking forward to getting back to Raccoon City myself, I completely understand why you’d want to get your copies of this game as soon as possible.


As mentioned, we were offering an early release event for all copies of Resident Evil 3, for pre-orders that were placed at stores that are still open.  If your local Best Buy store was open, and your pre-order had been placed, you should have been able to utilize our Curbside Pickup between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. to get your copy of the game.


These events are communicated to our stores well in advance of each game’s release to help our stores prepare their pre-orders accordingly, so I’m sorry to hear there may have been a few stores not participating or not aware of this event.  If you visited your local Best Buy store and were denied picking up your copy of Resident Evil 3, please reply to this post with that store location, the time of your visit, along with the edition and platform of the game you ordered, so we can follow up with these stores.


Thank you,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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