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Regarding video-game return policy

I usually download games but I bought a ps4 game-disc recently, but the disc was not being read by my console. So I thought that the disc might be defective, and I got it exchanged without checking if my ps4 is faulty. Turns out, the problem was my console's optical drive, and I have to get it repaired. It's gonna cost me around $100, and I burnt my money on the game. Is there a possibililty that I could return the game (it's not opened)? I know I'm dumb.

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Re: Regarding video-game return policy

Hi, shobhit,

Welcome to the Best Buy Forums! Thanks for writing in today.

I think your self-assessment might be a little harsh. To me, it sounds like you were simply very excited to play your new game (and, let's be honest, who isn't excited to play a new game), and were simply unaware that the root cause of your issue was actually your console. It's ok, we've got you. Since the game is unopened, you should be able to return it to your local store within your return and exchange period. I hope you're able to get back up and playing, soon!


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