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Received Damaged item in the mail

I recently made an online purchase (on 11/22/2020) for two items, both videogames. Both were shipped separately. Unfortunately, one of the items arrived in less than stellar shape. The case for Ori and the Will of the Wisps Collector's Edition was damaged in multiple locations. This seems to have been caused by two things.


First, it seems to have had a "security spider" device attached to it at one point and the wires seem to have dug into the Collectors case for the game and damaged it on all sides of the case.


The second thing that seems to have caused damage to my item was the shipping for the item. A very simple bubble envelope was used to ship this item, and it provided no protection for it at all as all the corners of the case got banged up. I don't understand shipping something like a Collectors Editon in a bubble envelope instead of a box which would protect it more.


Look I'm writing this because this is not the first time this has happed to me with a Collectors Edition item or other easily damaged item. Bubble envelopes provide little to no protection for these kinds of items when shipping them, and I really wish you guys would change how you ship these types of items. I don't plan to return the item because I don't want to go through the return process at this moment, no matter how easy it may be. But I also can't see my self buying these types of items from BestBuy anymore unless the shipping for these items improves. And please reconsider putting security devices on these items, especially if they end up damaging the items in the process.

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Re: Received Damaged item in the mail

Some inventory is shipped from local stores to your house depending on how the logistics can determine it gets to you faster.


So you very well may have received an item from a local store. If its in stock at your local BBY you can exchange it or you can return it for free using a prepaid label and get an exchange providing more is in stock.

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Re: Received Damaged item in the mail



While I appreicate your response, as I mentioned in my orignal post I have no desire to go through a return/exchage process. I simply have no confindence that BestBuy will provide a better shipped replacement for this item, especially if they just ship the replacement in another bubble envelope again.


My local store also have no stock of this item, so that is not a option as well.


In the future I will just try and avoid buying these items from and attempt to buy them instore, but I can't deny being disappointed in how I received this item, even if this is not the first time it has happened to me.

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Re: Received Damaged item in the mail

Hello, Jay_Son32,


Welcome back to our Best Buy forum community!


Seeing that your order has arrived in the mail should be a time of excitement, but I understand that's not the case when it arrives damaged. Our goal is to provide the best shopping experience possible. We know an important part of that is having your products arrive in excellent condition, so it hurts to hear that hasn't been your experience. That said, I'm glad you took the time to share this feedback with us! The only way for us to improve is to listen to the ways we can do better, so I'd like to document your feedback at our Corporate Office for us to take under review.


I know this time of year can be busy, so I can understand why you'd rather keep the item than deal with a return. I'd like to look into your purchase to see what options we might have to improve you time shopping with us. For me to get started, can you send over your full name, phone number, email and order number using the "Private Message" option in my signature below? 



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Re: Received Damaged item in the mail

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