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Re: Hogwarts Legacy Collector’s Edition PS5 Delayed

Same here.  No updates on when I can pick up the game. Reading on BBY replies, they are putting this out on Warner Brothers, but really, it's on BestBuy for accepting these pre-orders.  


In fact, my post was removed.  Can some one from BBY reach out to me?


Also, will we still receive our Pre Order bonuses like the Onyx Hippogriff Mount and the Potion Recipe?

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Re: Hogwarts Legacy Collector’s Edition PS5 Delayed

My apologies but your thoughts are not well thought out.


Best Buy is allocated by Warner Brothers how many they are promised 


BB then sells pre-orders up to that quantity.


It is far from BB fault if the distributor of the CE materials does not ship them in time.


If BB manufacturered them and did not provide it would be legitimate to say they are at fault. 



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Re: Hogwarts Legacy Collector’s Edition PS5 Delayed

Hello, ichiban168, 


Welcome back to our community forum, we appreciate you reaching out for support with your order. My son was eager to receive his copy of Hogwarts Legacy Collector's Edition, and was disappointed when his did not arrive on the release date as well, so I understand your frustrated with your delayed order. So that I can look into your order, please send a Private Message including your full name, email address, phone number, and order number. I would be glad to provide you with available updates. Please click the blue button next to my signature below to send a Private Message. 



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