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Re: Capcom Fighting Collection preorder bonus cancelled

Yikes! If I have to reach out to the publisher for a code that doesn’t sound good for my situation. Not only have i not received my code but the game itself was delayed from my pickup store location. I was fine waiting for them to get it in stock and then pick it up as long as I was guaranteed I would get my code.

Now you are saying that the code is with the game already and if I get this delayed copy open it up and I don’t have a code inside I’m out of luck? Wow…yeah that is not cool.
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Re: Capcom Fighting Collection preorder bonus cancelled

Hi there, TPLawrence. 


It is nice to hear from you. As someone who is always excited about purchases that include bonus material, I understand you’d want to ensure you receive this code. The publisher has confirmed this content is packaged with the physical game. While it would be unlikely the code would be missing, if that were to occur, it would be necessary to connect with the publisher directly. 


You mentioned you had been informed your order was delayed. If you’d like me to review the order history, that is something I’d be happy to help with. You’re welcomed to send me a Private Message. Simply select the darker blue icon, which is located across from my signature. I would be required to verify your full name, email address, and telephone number. The order number would also be helpful. My normal schedule is Sunday through Thursday, just so you are aware of when you may expect a response. 



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