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Randomly cancelling pre-orders

I have been a loyal Best Buy customer for many years now, having spent thousands of dollars on electronics and video games over the years. But my recent experience has left me no choice but to avoid shopping at any Best Buy in the future.

On 10/10/20, I received four emails from Best Buy about pre-orders for four different video games I had placed online. Three of the pre-orders were placed in 2019 and one was placed in August 2020. The emails all said the same thing: The order were delayed and, if they did not ship by 10/17/20, they would be cancelled. I was confused about this because all four games did not yet have release dates.
That very day, 10/10/20, I called Best Buy customer service and was told it was some sort of glitch in the system and that I shouldn’t worry. The orders would be updated at some point during the week.
By the end of the next week, the four orders were still showing as delayed and marked for cancellation on 10/17/20. So on Friday, 10/16/20, I called Best Buy customer service again to explain the situation. Once again, I was told not to worry and that the orders would just be updated on 10/17/20 to reflect the as yet unannounced release dates.
This morning, 10/18/20, I woke up to find four emails from Best Buy stating that the four pre-orders had been cancelled. I was frustrated by this, having spent all that time talking to customer service and being assured everything was fine. I was even more frustrated by the fact that I had placed three of the pre-orders in 2019 before my Gamer’s Club Unlocked membership expired, so I had 20% discounts on the three orders. All the games, however, are still available for pre-order on Best Buy’s website.
For a third time in a week, I called Best Buy customer service this morning. The woman I spoke with was very apologetic and very helpful. She was able to get approval for me to place new orders with the 20% discount on the three games I ordered in 2019. She explained that she had to transfer me to video games sales, and that all the information was in my account for them to see. I was transferred, spoke with a representative for less than a minute before he put me on hold and transferred me to someone else. After explaining everything again to this person, I was put on hold again. After a few minutes on hold, I was hung up on.
I have decided not to waste my time any further by calling back again to try get these orders placed. And I will no longer purchase any video game consoles, video games, televisions, or any other items from Best Buy again.