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Re: RTX 2080 and the free copy of battlefield V

I think maybe you should google the answer before posting something as truth. There has never been a battlefield v givaeaway tied to any GTX card. It is only RTX.


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Re: RTX 2080 and the free copy of battlefield V

Hello all-


Sorry to be late to the party here, the holiday's are absolutely a hectic time of the year for us on the forums.  As you may have deduced at this point (or from RevPain's post), Best Buy is not participating in this promotion.


Happy Holidays!

Bill|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Battlefield V Code with Purchase



 On Dec 21st I purchased the MSI RTX 2080ti Gaming X Trio GPU. It was under the Battlefield V Game code promo. I didn't receive the code in a Best Buy email so I registered my card on MSI and saw it didn't show up. I emailed MSI and they said the reseller is responsible for the game code. I was wondering how I get the free game code.. Thank you



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Re: Battlefield V Code with Purchase

They are giving the promotion to people that buy the cards now, but to us that bought it during Xmas time they deny it. Every time I buy something on Best Buy I have a problem with pre-order codes, promos and I am so sick of this.
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Re: RTX 2070 and the free copy of battlefield V and Anthem

i got the code ont the reciept i ahte to have to return just to get anouther code or sumtin ive tried calling etc ive been to nvidia etc but idk i guess might be returning tommorrow