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RDR 2. Midnight release

Ok I need a for sure answer before I drive 1 hr and 30 minutes to my nearest Best Buy. Will people who preordered the game will get a ready to pick up email tomorrow or we just go there and give our information? I need to know.
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Re: RDR 2. Midnight release

Unfortunately the communication has been very questionable about this. The folks here with BB said in the other topic that all stores should be doing it unless there is a city ordinance or some other reason. Mine doesn't fall into either of them and they told me they aren't doing it because they don't get enough people so now I have to cancel my preorder and go to any of the other places that are doing midnights. If they no longer care about their customers then my money can go elsewhere. They will say call your store and find out, it's all you can do with the shadiness around the ANY store wording on the website and ad.