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Question about psn or xbox gift cards with reward certificates

Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening

Long story short: I was trying to buy a $25 playstation gift card using $25 best buy rewards certificate but for some reason I could not complete my purchase and it displayed the following message: "Sorry, but rewards certificates can't be used to buy gift cards or specialty items".

But the most interesting things are that I tried this with only the $25 xbox gift card, it actually worked, it also worked when I tried it with the $50 psn gift card.

So my questions are the following:

Why does not let me purchase the $25 psn gift card? And why does it work with the $25 xbox gift card and the $50 psn gift card?

If I can't buy the $25 psn card online, could I buy it at the store with $25 best buy rewards certificate? Asking this to make sure, because I have bought psn cards using rewards certiifcates.

Thank you vey much and have a good day.
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Re: Question about psn or xbox gift cards with reward certificates

Hello, raulesk8r!


Thank you for reaching out to us with this question. I completely understand wanting to be able to use your earned certificates towards this type of purchase. This is something that has been updated recently in our My Best Buy terms and conditions and our My Best Buy team is still working on marking items as ineligible for purchase per the new terms. 


Per our terms and conditions:


Non-Qualifying Redemptions
Except for Non-Qualifying Redemptions identified below, you may redeem reward certificates when the purchase value (excluding tax) exceeds the reward certificate amount. The following purchases or transactions are excluded from redemption of reward certificates (“Non-Qualifying Redemptions”): Prior purchases, leased products, purchases/rentals at rent-to-own locations inside Best Buy Stores, purchases from a Best Buy Store on a third-party website or marketplace (such as Amazon, Google or eBay), some purchases at stand-alone Pacific Sales® Kitchen and Bath Centers, LLC stores, or at Pacific Sales locations within Best Buy Stores, purchase of Best Buy or Magnolia gift cards, point of sale activation (“POSA”) cards, purchases made for resale, payment on any My Best Buy Credit Card, certain premium major home appliances and home theater products, any online transaction that contains the purchase of a Best Buy gift card, sales tax, service charges, and discounted Best Buy Business or commercial purchases. Other exclusions may also apply.


Eventually, all gift cards such as this will be ineligible for purchase via rewards certificates. The transaction would most likely not work if you visited a store to attempt this purchase. 


Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions as we are happy to help if we can!

Alison|Social Media Supervisor | Best Buy® Corporate
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