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Ps4 controller problem


So in the past like 7 months ago I bought a ps4 pro and so now the controller that came with it doesnt work. The thums sticks get stuck and drift. Will it be possible if i could get a new controller in the store since i bought the 2 year protection plan.

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Re: Ps4 controller problem

The service plan does allow for a one time replacement of the controller.  You will need to bring your controller in to the Geek Squad.  If you qualify I don't know if they will be able hand you one or you will have to wait a couple days to have it shipped to you. I do not believe they can just grab on off the shelf due to inventory issues. 


To facilitate the process you should log into your account first and bring a print out of your service plan.  If you look at your plans and expand them you should see a Plan ID.  You should also bring your photo ID and it would be a good idea to bring the credit card you purchased the console and plan with. (thats another way they can use to find your plan)



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