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Pre-order release question



I pre-ordered Trails of Cold Steel III a while back and have noticed that the release date still hasn't been updated. The publisher, NIS America, announced a release date a while ago for October 22nd, 2019. Will this get updated soon and if it's not somehow updated before 10/22 would that affect the shipping of the product? Thanks.

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Re: Pre-order release question

I am sure it is a matter of the publisher has not officially updated Best Buy on the release.


Or it could be that BB is waiting for NIS to make up their minds as the previousl release date was supposed to be out this month.  Unfortunalty the publisher is not very reliabel on release dates.


Look at it this way.  If Best Buy puts October 22 on the web page and the publisher changes the date again people are more likely to blame BB than the publisher. 


IF the game actually comes out October 22nd you should get it then. 

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