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Pokemon Scarlet/Violet pre-order codes--eta?

I've never pre-ordered from Best Buy before, didn't realize pre-order codes were apparently not given until release day (or later?? huh?).  I had Best Buy gift cards, thought I could buy Nintendo eshop cards.  After wasting an hour of my life with Best Buy support, two separate agents had to work on it just to tell me I can't use gift cards for eshop cards.  Since I don't want anything else, in desperation I pre-ordered from Best Buy directly, assuming it would be a similar experience to the eshop.


So when should I expect the code?  It will be delivered in enough time to pre-load the game and play at 11pm on Nov 17th, right?  But...


From what I've seen here, that is not always the case, and I'm full of sorrow and regret for not getting the preorder directly from Nintendo instead.  If the pre-order codes don't even come until after the game is out, why would anyone pre-order from Best Buy instead of Nintendo directly?  I would have thought expecting the same experience to be pretty reasonable.

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Re: Pokemon Scarlet/Violet pre-order codes--eta?

Hi, Jesse,


Welcome to our online community. Pokemon Scarlet/Violet seems like it is going to be pretty intense. I would like to provide you with specific information regarding your order, as each version's bonus offers may differ slightly. Please send a Private Message including your full name, email address, phone number and order number if you have it. I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Please use the blue button to the right of my signature below to send a Private Message


I look forward to hearing from you.



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Re: Pokemon Scarlet/Violet pre-order codes--eta?

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