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Playstation 5 Restock

When will the next restock be? It's been over 2 months with zero stock all the while every other retailer has restocked numerous times. What's the deal? I got the membership specifically so I could have a chance to get the ps5 through BB and the second I bought it you stopped restocking.

Kind of ridiculous, seems a bit scammy. Any help with a time frame would be appreciated.
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Re: Playstation 5 Restock

Hi OdinRising13,


Welcome to the Best Buy Forums! We appreciate you reaching out to us regarding this. We certainly understand wanting to get your hands on a Playstation 5, and know that it's been tough with the limited inventory available. Our teams are working hard to have them available as soon as we can, though we don't have any specific timeframes that we're able to provide. You can keep an eye on to stay in the loop and updated for when they become available.


Best Regards,

Caleb|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Playstation 5 Restock

Well it's unacceptable BB dangled getting the membership in people's faces in order to increase chances of buying the ps5...then don't bother restocking for months while every single retailer has restocked several times per month. It's been over 2 months since last restock...I know BB has them....why haven't you released them? Are yall trying to lose customers because this is how you do it.
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Re: Playstation 5 Restock

If you want to get upset of over restocks of PS5 you need to contact Sony to let them know.


If you want to know about restocks you can find Twitter feeds that will alert you to restocks.


BB formum moderators would not be allowed to tell you even if they knew.


I subscribed to 4 twitter feeds.  They all indicated that they would restock 1 of 2 dates.


So I made a bookmark to the PS5 on the first day and kept checking.

I actually had one in my cart and paid for berfore I got the first Twitter alert.


And they may have restocked in the last 2 months.  But I will amost gurantee they are gone in 31.2 minutes or less.

In large part because of the Twitter feeds

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