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Re: Preorder canceled by Best Buy, no solution offered.

Follow up clarification - I had an order confirmation and the transaction was approved by PayPal. Best Buy canceled my order 3 days after it was made and confirmed.
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Awaiting authorization for some pre-orders.

hello i pre-orderd the playstation 5 2 weeks ago, and a few games seprate from that order, the playstation 5 still says Awaiting authorization next to the payment while my other purcheses for pre-ordered games does not. why is this?
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Change shippping address on a pre-order item

Hello, i recently pre-ordered the ps5. I put my old address as the destination, but i moved about a week ago. I've tried changing the shipping address and tried putting it as a store pickup, but it doesn't let me. I heard best buy doesn't let you change it because of security reasons. If u can help me out, i would really appreciate it.
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PS5 Pre-Order Cancelled Because of System Error

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Good morning, I called customer support and wrote a response to the cancellation email, but hope this will help me escalate the issue because nobody seems to care and the error was not on my end. Please reply...


  1. This morning at 4:22 AM, I got a text regarding my PS5 pre order saying:
Best Buy: We can't process payment for order {removed per forum guidelines}. Visit {removed per forum guidelines} to update your payment info.
So I went to this site and it said the above and asked me to re-enter my debit card information. I entered it a couple of times. It did not work and I decided to enter another card so it would process this transaction.  This card failed as well, but the card is active and had the proper funds available. Then I tried to enter my original car, which was verified when I first made the pre-order, and it failed again and cancelled my order. 
This was not an error on my end, I even contacted my bank to verify there was no holds on my account. There is nothing wrong with my account and the address and number information that I put in was correct, as I verified this through the bank as well.
I spent a very long time prepping for this pre-order and when it was available, I was fortunate enough to get one, but had to spend several hour on the site to get to go through, as the site had a heavy traffic load and it took many attempts to get it, but after three hours I purchased it and I have had you all take out $59.99 holds on the card that I provided with no issues.
Now there is an issue and the console is not going to be attainable for a long time.  I did not want this order to be cancelled, it was a mistake on your website and I want my pre-order re-issued with me.
After several attempts at trting to re-enter my card informarion, as described above, the pre-orderwas cancelled with the email attached here, and I got the following text.
Best Buy: We've cancelled one or more items from order {removed per forum guidelines}. See {removed per forum guidelines}if you have questions.
Please, please assist me with this. I did not request for this to be cancelled,  there are no issues on my end, and I deserve to have this put back into order, as it was an error with your systems.
Please place it back, with the same bank information, as the funds are threre with no problems. If you need to call me, I can be reached t {removed per forum guidelines}. Or at this email address.
Please do contact me regarding this, as it is an issue and I do not want to lose my order as a result of an error on your side. I spent lots of time ordering this, it was placed and there have been no issues until this morning. PLEASE FIX THIS AND CALL ME AT MY CELL INFORMING ME OF THE STATUS. Again my number is {removed per forum guidelines}, all in the order information that you cancelled.
I can understand if it was an error on something that I did, but it was not. So please help, I would greatly appreaciate your prompt assistance on this.  Thank you.
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Need to change address of pre order

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I pre-ordered the PS5, but I found out this weekend I need to move on October 31st. Thus, I need to have the pre order changed to my new address, but the option to change the shipping address is greyed out. Could I have some help having the address changed?



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Re: Need to change address of pre order

Can't edit the first post, but I'm actually just moving across the street from my old address so wouldn't need to make any changes to where the item is shipped from.I just need to change the Apartment number.
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Re: Need to change address of pre order

Because of the nature of pre-orders for the PS5 and how they are allocated by BB and Sony you may not be able to change your pre-order address. This is a high risk item so it may not be allowed.


See if you can change it to in store pick up may be your better option.


Or try to come to an arrangement with the new apartment owner.

I am not an employee of Best Buy. All opinions and comments are my own
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BEST BUY ESCALATION - PS5 preorder canceled

I placed a preorder for the PS5 via Best Buy on 09/17. Two days days ago it was randomly canceled by Best Buy. Customer Service keeps telling me it was canceled because they accepted more preorders than the had stock for. I could understand if it was canceled a day or two after I placed the order. But after 3 weeks is unacceptable. Especially when you consider that between now and then they had another series of preorders.

I have an escalated case with Best Buy but haven’t heard back in two days. The main customer service line isn’t helpful, as they unable to personally reach the escalation team, and they keep trying to give me the same reason for why the order was canceled, and tell me I’ll just have to wait till more stock available. I’d really like some resolution here as it doesn’t feel great being randomly chosen out by Best But to have my preorder canceled like this
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Cant lookup order

Hello, I recently pre ordered a ps5 on the first night they became avaliable and got a confirmation email immediatly that let me check the status of the order. This worked for weeks but I just went back to check the order once again to make sure it hadnt been cancelled and now the link just leads to the best buy order lookup screen. When I try to enter the order number into the search bar nothing shows up either so I can't even tell if the order is cancelled or not. Has anyone expeiranced anything similar and does anyone know what I can do to find out if my order was cancelled? I would like to know now as I have a much better chance at snagging another one before they release in a little under a month

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Canceled Pre-Order

When the PS5 preorders began, I stayed on the computer for hours trying to reserve mine. I knew it was coming out, as my husband has mentioned it, he is a loyal Playstation consumer, and I knew if I could make it work, it would be the perfect Christmas gift. So I have been saving on the side all year, and he deployed in July, so I knew I would be able to pull this off if I could manage to pre-order one. 

Which I did, I pre-ordered one and chose to pre-order the large bundle that comes with a bunch of accessories. About a week after pre-ordering, I went to my local Best Buy, the location I actually had planned on picking everything up from. I spoke with an employee there about how I had been saving on the side, and how I wanted to make sure the money was where it needed to be for when it came time to pick up the order. On my receipt after pre-ordering the bundle, it said I would pay when I picked up, so I knew that I had to hold the money for a while since I pre-ordered back in September and it was not being released until November. On a whim, while I was in store, I asked the employee I was talking to, if I could buy gift cards with the money I saved, so the money was in a "safe spot" per se, and when I came in to pick up my order, I could pay with the gift cards. The employee said this was a great idea, and encouraged me to do so. 


Fast forward to a few days ago, I receive an email saying that my card could not be processed for my order and I had 24 hours to fix this before my order was cancelled. This is because some of the parts of the bundle are available for pick up this week. Of course, I go into panic mode; I have been working on this surprise for him all year. I tried to go on to input my gift card information, and I could not because the website does not allow it. The gift cards are the money I saved for this entire bundle. I begin chatting with someone online who says I need to call. So I call someone, and I am on hold for so long before I get to someone, and when I finally do, he tried to input the gift cards in the system -- it doesn't let him. I explain everything to him, everything with the pre-order and what the employee said in the store. He ASSURED me, my order would not be cancelled and that I would be able to pick up this week and pay with the gift cards then. I asked him if he was sure about this at least five times, and explained that I really could not lose this order. He once again assured me all would be okay; he had acted as if he switched a setting within the order. 


After I got off the phone, I tried calling my local store, the one I plan to pick up from, for further clarification and assurance. No one answers, I waited for almost and hour and finally gave up after feeling so defeated. I had a bit of hope when the 24 hour mark passed and my order was still existing, and I figured I would go on Friday to pick up, pay with my gift cards, and all would be okay -- just as the man on the phone explained and re-assured me of. Well, 30 minutes ago, I got an email saying it was all cancelled and I am just in disbelief. The employee in store told me this would be okay! I would have never spent $900 on gift cards if I would not be able to use them on this purchase. And that was $900 I had to meticulously save, had to work hard to get, and had to be careful with. I do not have another $900 to spend, even if I could get another pre-order. Not to mention, it feels so hard to get a hold of someone just to get answers. I need answers, I want my pre-order back -- please help.