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Re: PlayStation 5 Preorder

Where did you get the link?


Advanced scammers are quite adept at making copies of web sites by simply acquiring the images 


Though an article on CNET about the pre-order event via several retailers. 

So  I would not worry too much. 

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Re: PlayStation 5 Preorder

i didn't get a text i had gotten an e-mail about preorders which i just remembered

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Re: Next Gen Preorders

I'm so frustrated with Sony & Best Buy! Between Sony not giving us any notice as promised, the starting pre orders early, then BB having all kinds of problems it's maddening. First I add to cart, then it says my cart is empty, then it say shipping only, then pick up in store only, then I select a store only to have it knot select the store and the page is screwed up, to after an hour to finally get to the checkout screen, to have it say sold out after trying for hours. Not a good look Sony and Best Buy. I agree there should be a reward type program for spending our hard earned money with them. Live and learn, I'll start taking my business elsewhere I guess. Sad. Sorry for the rant, I'm just so upset


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Re: PlayStation 5 Preorder

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Good morning, everyone,


Well, now that the initial fervor of pre-ordering the PS5 has died down a bit, let’s address the aftermath.


First off, we apologize for those of you who ran into issues trying to check out with your pre-order last night.  No one wants to have their website hang up for customers when they are trying to order, and this is especially true of an iconic console such as the PlayStation.


As much as we would like to, we don’t have the bandwidth to check into each of your orders to see if they completed successfully.  As stabilizes due to the overwhelming number of visitors from last night, if your order completed successfully, you should get a confirmation email, along with your order showing in your account.  If your order didn’t complete successfully, any authorizations or holds on payment cards should drop off soon.  Please keep in mind that having an item in your cart, does not guarantee its availability.  You can find more information on the Terms & Conditions for here.


To try to anticipate some of the questions that may come up:


  1. We don’t know when we’ll have another wave of PS5 consoles available for pre-order.  When they do come up again, they will most likely not be for street date, but for an undetermined date after release.  Please watch here for any availability updates.
  2. We are not taking any pre-orders in-store due to the limited availability of the consoles.
  3. Because first wave pre-orders are already sold out, we do not anticipate having any extra units available for walk-in on release day.
  4. We cannot assist with cancelled orders, or reinstate cancelled orders.
  5. We are not able to change the fulfillment method on pre-orders, whether that's changing ship to home to in-store pickup and vise versa.  We also cannot help with changing a shipping address.


At this time, I will be locking this thread, please do not post separately, as those posts will be removed as spam.


Thank you for your patience and understanding.  It is my sincere hope that all of you can obtain your PS5 pre-order as soon as possible.

Bill|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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PS5 Preorders - Elite+

Good morning,


I am just surprise of the fact that Elite+ members did not get the early preorders headsup and we were treated like all other customers. What is the point of me spending +3.5k/year here then? It's absolutely out of hand at this point. If I order anything, it takes over a week to deliver. If I wanna preorder an item, it runs out so fast and I have no early access. I need an explanation to this and not just "we are sorry but there is nothing we can do" I am tired of this phrase and it's over used.


I don't want a list of "Here is the benefits of being an elite plus member" because most of them don't even matter. What matters the most is the early access and the shipping time. I need answers


- Bilal

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Pre-order issue

Best Buy is so messed up. They offered pre orders the other night for Playstation 5. After clicking numerous times to get and finally getting through and receiving a thank you message along with a Order # they send me another email about 5 minutes later canceling my order. There excuse was this (Unfortunately, we had to cancel your order because it has exceeded our orderable quantity limits. Please see our Conditions of Use, which explains order limitations and limited quantities.) That was in for in store pickup too. Tried it again for shipping to home and it went through. Accepted with Order #. Then email later saying again was Cancelled for same reason. It was my son using his account and he did not get one because of this stupid reason. If they don't have anymore then take down the option to pre order on their website asap instead of people wasting there time clicking away for hours just to get good news that your getting a Playstation 5 and then taking it away from you. That's CRAP!
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Oder canceled



I pre ordered the PS5 yesterday & received a confirmation email. 24hrs later I received a cancellation email stating it exceeded our quantity orderly limits which has to be a mistake because I only pre ordered one. I've tried calling but I'm military in a deployed location. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. 


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I was on your site for an hour and a half not bring able to put in shipping info for the Ps5 pre order in my cart to then get timed out of the session and be told it was out of stock. Then my brother was able to reserve one but you fraudently charged him the price of the Console and warranty (606$) so much it hit 4000$ and locked his card. Then sent him an email saying that since it couldn't charge the pre order on the card AGAIN due to YOU locking it up he had 24 hours to put a new card or he would lose the pre order. Then despite him calling Customer service they said there was nothing they could do and dropped his extremely rare pre order that took him an hour and a half also to get to go through and all he got for his troubles was 4000 DOLLARS in fraudulent repeated charges due to your site glitching from increased Traffic to resolve and a locked up credit card. Saying you rolling out pre orders for the playstation 5 was chaos is putting it unbelievably mildly. Luckily eventually my brother got himself a PS5 pre ordered but I wasn't so lucky. The handling of both our situations leaves Such a bad taste in my mouth that despite years of shopping at your stores for high priced tvs/games/consoles/computers etc I genuinely think I don't think I will buy from a best buy ever again. It's bad enough a few years ago security stopped me and accused me of stealing Because I had a bulge under my shirt which was my ostomy bag and I had to literally show it to him and say what it was at the doors infront of a bunch of other customers leaving and entering. (One of the more embarrassing moments in my life being forced to show my literal poop Bag to a bunch of strangers. I cried when I got home and the best the store did for me after was some minor discounts on purchases I seriously had to make to even receive) If you don't respond with something other than corporate talk after all these incidents and my years of faithfully shopping at your stores I seriously think I'm done with you being my go to for tech and games. (Anybody other than a best buy rep I will not be responding to or reading).
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Hope you can help

Hello. I am a Best Buy Elite plus member and have spent a bunch of money with you throughout the years. I have an issue and it had to do with the preorder of the PS5. I went on the moment I received the email that I could preorder and put it in my cart but it would not let me checkout. I kept trying until it told me it was not available anymore. This is very disappointing since I have been a loyal customer for years. I was hoping there is something that can be done or are you going to offer it up for preorder again? Thank you.
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Preorder canceled by Best Buy, no solution offered.


Best Buy canceled my PS5 preorder because they oversold. Now, I understand that malfunctions happen. I can accept that. But instead of offering me a reservation on future stock, Best Buy support advised that my only recourse is to constantly refresh their web page hoping for more stock to be added. They could not advise me when the stock would be added.

I have to say, this is extremely frustrating. If I had ordered through any other retailer, my purchase would have been secured. Best Buy is the only retailer that is canceling orders and they are offering no recourse to their customers for something that is Best Buy’s fault. And because I purchased through Best Buy, I did not secure a purchase elsewhere, and there is no stock to be found anywhere unless you are using automated scripts.

I am reaching out here as a last resort for Best Buy to make this right. I have spoken to representatives via chat and phone and they are unable to offer me any valid solution. I have been going to Best Buy for years and have purchased TVs, computer parts, laptops, video games and gaming consoles. It’s a shame that Best Buy does not value their customers. This is unacceptable and I will no longer patronize Best Buy if they do not offer a valid solution.