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Performance issues and FPS drop in Gaming PC

I have recently been experiencing a performance and FPS drop in games that previous ran on high quality or better. I have run a virus scan with Avast and a malware scan with Malwarebytes. I have made sure all my drivers are up to date. I have checked the HDD for any damages and have defragged it. I have deleted all temporary files and have disabled start up processes. I went through my entire PC and dusted each part and made sure there were no damages that I could see. I have checked the temp of my devices and all were within normal ranges. I have even tried lowering the quality options in game and I am still experiencing performance issues. I added another fan to my rig after this happened and there was no change. What could be causing this sudden drop in performance? Also here are my specs:
MSI MS-7922
Intel Core i5 4690K
AMD Radeon R9 200 Series
Let me know if you need more information.

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Re: Performance issues and FPS drop in Gaming PC

What game?  

Also check your available HDD space on which the game is on.


If it is less than 20% available space delete some old games and make space.


Also open the drives in windows explorer and run disk cleanup on all your drives. 


Run defrag agaiin right after.  I know the experts say defrag does not do anything for SSD but I have found that to be incorrect.


Also, clear your browser history and cookies for any browsers you use.


Also run Error Checking


Personally I don't use products like Avast and Malwarebytes because they tend to chew up a lot of resources. 


If none of those things produce try running winsat formal from a command prompt.


If your not familiar with winsat is does a complete perfromance check of your computer. and it will take a few minutes.


It isn't nice and easy to look at but you can google how to read it.





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Re: Performance issues and FPS drop in Gaming PC

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