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Outriders RTX 30 / 20 Promotion

I recently purchased, 04/10/21, an ASUS ZEPHYRUS RTX 3070 laptop that was included in the "Free digital copy of Outriders with purchase" promotion that ran from 03/16/21 through 04/15/21 and am currently having a severe issue with getting this redemption email.

I have contacted support, by both chat and phone, but the response is simply "that promotion had already ended and you are outside of the time frame to be eligible" which is complete garbage seeing as I purchased this laptop directly within the window of the promotion.

I've never had an issue receiving an email from anywhere in regards to these type of promotions and they are supplied directly by the distributors so they should be on hand and delivered within one hour or so after purchase completion (or SOMETIMES after signed delivery of a product) what is the problem here with following through on this promotion???

I have checked my email a million times over, as well as my Bestbuy account, and anywhere else that makes sense (even redundantly checking the physical packaging to make sure it wasn't a physical code) but this is not a mix up on my end and I would appreciate a proper resolution...preferably in an expedited fashion given the amount of time I allowed for Best Buy to fix it already.
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Re: Outriders RTX 30 / 20 Promotion

The last time I purchased something with just such a promotion the code for the game (in this case it was Control) was printed on the receipt.

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Re: Outriders RTX 30 / 20 Promotion

Good morning, darkelflusipher,


Welcome to our forums.  Whether it’s a free game, some bonus DLC, or any gift with purchase, it’s always great to receive free stuff just for placing your order, so I can certainly understand wanting to get yourself a free copy of Outriders to go with your new gaming laptop.


In regards to the promotion you’re referring to, please know that the codes for the game were offered on a “while supplies last” basis.  Once our supply of codes was depleted, the promotion for a free copy of Outriders was ended, and ended sooner than we originally anticipated. 


Using the information you provided upon joining our Support Forums, I was able to locate your order, and it appears the promotion ended before your order was placed.  I realize this may not be the answer you were hoping for, but we’ll be unable to provide you a code for a free copy of this game.



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Re: Outriders RTX 30 / 20 Promotion

From my order purchase receipt:
"Order Details
Purchase Date: Apr 10, 2021"

From the Promotion Details:
"Eligible Products: Select GeForce RTX Laptops Only

Start Date: 03/16/2021

End Date: 04/15/2021

Redemption Period End Date: 05/28/2021"

I absolutely understand about the "while supplies last" verbage in the T&C but let's just be crystal clear that we are talking about products that Bestbuy, and ANYWHERE else on the Participating North American Partners
Retail/Etail Partners list, hasn't had ANY of the required purchase products in stock for months...let alone enough to sell with 30 days to be out of stock for a AAA software distributor promotion.

I appreciate the attempt to run some solid PR for your employer but I am extremely well versed in these types of promotions not only from the retail/customer side but also in the managing and handling of them from the distribution/marketing end.

I also greatly appreciate you looking into my account and purchase details, without my consent or any attempt to contact me in any way prior to doing so, just to give me a very cookie-cutter reply making it out to somehow be my error for purchasing the product outside the time frame... When it's clearly well within the dates required.

I assumed that this forum would hold some actual support, or at least some suggestions on resolving such a silly problem...lesson learned.