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Order #{removed per forum guidelines}

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Placed the order at 8:20 am for Xbox Game Pass. Received the Xbox Game Pass code at 8:13, here it is 10:00am and still do not have a working code.


After receiving the Xbox Game Pass code and imputing the code, it says the code as already been redeemed. Called support and talked with first person who finally transferred 2nd person who refused to allow me to talk to a supervisor. He sent me another code, but only problem was it was same code that was originally emailed....If it didn't work the first time, how is it going to work a 2nd time?


Since I was getting nowhere with that customer support agent, called back in and had to talk to a third person who then transferred me to now a 4th person to have to explain all over again.


He request I email screenshot proof -- not a problem as I took  screenshot off CPU and TV of code not working. After emailing the case number (Reference Number {removed per forum guidelines}, I receive another code.......GUESS WHAT? Same code as the original code.....So I have been emailed the same codes 3 times now. If the original code didn;t work the first time, and the same code emailed the second time, of course the same code emailed the 3rd time didn't work.....who would have thought???????


I just want a working code.........but you guys keep sending me the same non working code. If you can not supply me a code, then refund my order as well as return my two $5.00 gift certificates.


Tired of getting the runaround for the last hour and half.............About ready to call the CC company to do a chargeback as I paid for something that doesn;t work and not getting any help in getting to work ---- since sending same non-working code 3 times now. Should have just listened to my wife and ordered it off --- I know now for next time.

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Re: Order #{removed per forum guidelines}

No help with Indian call center and no help here -- was told they would email me back within 4 hours yesterday............I'll contact my CC to have this resolved. Lesson learned buying digital online with Best Buy.

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Re: Order #{removed per forum guidelines}

Hello Buckshot-


Xbox Live offers a lot of great entertainment features, so I can understand being frustrated when the code you received did not work correctly.


I apologize for the delay in our response, we quite backlogged from holiday volume and doing our best to catch up.  Were you able to get a resolution to this issue?  If not, please send me a private message with your full name, email address, phone number and purchase information so that I can look into this for you.


Thanks for posting,

Bill|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Order #{removed per forum guidelines}

No, I have not received any help via phone support, email spport, text support and here..........I received another email this morning, 8 days after my last response, stating:


Thank you for choosing Best Buy.

We apologize for the delayed response. I'm sorry to know you were having problem activating the Microsoft Xbox 12 Month digital code.

We highly suggest to contact the manufacturer since it's not a gaurantee if a new sets of code will be sent will be working.

We appreciate your loyalty for being a My Best Buy member. For any other concern, you may visit our Help Center at com.


I have demanded a refund now three times as well as my two $5 Best Buy Gift Certificates returned as I bought this code back in Nov.


Microsoft says I need to contact the merchant I bought it from............But Best Buy keeps telling to contact manufacturer. Utterly Ridiculous!!!!


From here on out, my local Best Buy will be a showroom for me before I buy online elsewhere.


I will send you that info later in a PM, but at this point, after all the hassle on buying a code last month that still doesn't work, I want a refund and my two $5 Gift certificates returned as I have shown photo proof and video proof to various Best Buy support and no solution only to contact Manufacturer -- which again Microsoft says to go back to retailer I bought from. Since I want to use Xbox Game Pass -- I already bought a working code from a place that I will continiue to get my business here on out --- AMAZON........If you can't issue me a refund, my Credit Card company will as I have long proof of bought a product from Best Buy that didn't work - photos and videos and Best Buy did not fix the issue.