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Octopath Traveler releases tomorrow and still hasn't shipped?

I pre-ordered Octopath Traveler back in March and it still hasn't shipped. It comes out tomorrow, so I'm not sure what that means other than I won't get to play it on release? Been dying to play it so I'm not sure what the point of pre-ordering was if I won't get to play it...

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Re: Octopath Traveler releases tomorrow and still hasn't shipped?

sometimes the reporting system lags behind reality. 


I once had a title that was supposed to be out on a Tuesday and at 1:30 that after noon it finally changed to shipped from the distribution center 1400 miles away.  When i got home from work at 4:30 it was on my doorstep.

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Re: Octopath Traveler releases tomorrow and still hasn't shipped?

Hi rami48073 –


Welcome back to the forums and thanks for your pre-order! Given how close to release day you were at the time of posting, I definitely understand wanting to see some tracking details indicating that your pre-order was moving, and will be happy to advise you here


In addition to the very plausible scenario detailed by bobberuchi, another factor may have been the proximity of where you copy was shipped out of. Please know that in addition to our network of distribution centers and warehouses across the country, all 1000+ of our physical stores can also act as a point of origin for ship-to-home orders. This means your pre-order could ship out from your local store, which negates the need to ship days in advance of release in order to get you your pre-order on time. That said, if you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to post again.


Happy Gaming!

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