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Nintendo Switch

I bought a Switch from BestBuy and recieved it last night but could not get it to show on my TV. I tried turning the Switch and TV off and back on and tried all three of my TV's HDMI ports/channels but it did not work. Today, I tried using the WiiU's HDMI cable with my Switch and it worked so the issue must be my Switch's HDMI cable. Would it be possible for me to get only the HDMI cable replaced by BestBuy without having to return the entire Switch?

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Re: Nintendo Switch

If you go to a local store you can initate a curbside exchange / return. It should be easy. Nintendo also would help but right now they've shut down their repair and store operations due to COVID so yeah store exchange should be good if its in stock.

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Re: Nintendo Switch

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Hello, elizabeth777, 


Welcome, and thank you for reaching out! I'm sure after receiving your Nintendo Switch, you were eager to get it setup to enjoy. I'm sure this excitement was dampened when you had trouble with the included HDMI cable. As hockeycanuckjc mentioned, your best option would be to seek a return or exchange under our Return & Exchange Promise, which generally allows 15 days for most returns or exchanges. While this should be a simple process, please know it would have to be the entire console exchanged, as we would be unable to facilitate just exchanging the cable. I know this may not be the news you were hoping for, but please let me know should you have any remaining concerns or questions. 



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