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Never got my digital code

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My name is Justin {removed per forum guidelines}
My online order numbers are:
{removed per forum guidelines} and
{removed per forum guidelines} and my
Email address is: {removed per forum guidelines}

I made an online purchase for a $5 Nintendo e-gift card and for Minecraft Nintendo switch edition on Dec. 25th and I never got the email. I called in the next day and had them resend the email with the digital codes but I never got them either. I have checked my junk and spam email folders multiple times and the inbox but the codes are not there. Is there a way to have those codes updated to the digital library or could we
Possibly have them sent to a different email address? It has far passed the 4 hour mark for both times for them to arrive and the online purchases for them both say “Completed”. If I could get some help, I would greatly appreciate it.