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Need an Oculus Rift S

Couldn't find an email address to send to so I'm posting here.


I have a child who is on the spectrum and the shelter in place order is really hitting him hard.  He loves school and needs the classroom interaction.  My wife and I do what we can but attention span and lack of routine make it impossible for him to receive the education he normally gets from his teacher.


One of my company's customers has developed training software that can be delivered through a VR headset, ideally the Oculus Rift S, that helps students learn content in a fraction of the time as classroom settings and cbt while increasing the retention significantly.  


He loves using the cheap VR headset that we bought from BB last year.  We are certain the headset won't bother him due to sensitivity issues. If this works, it's perfect for a kid who cannot focus very long.


We have worked things out with his teacher to help us develop a curriculumn.  Everything is in aligned except that I cannot get my hands on an Oculus Rift S unless I buy a used device from a private seller at twice the price of a new one.


Can you tell me when you will be getting more Oculus Rift S's in stock?  It would mean so much!  Thank you.