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Missing FF: Crisis Core Reunion Steelbook

I, like many others, did not receive a steelbook when I picked up my order of Crisis Core. I preordered on September 22 and was excited for the game so I picked it up on December 13, the day it was released. When I went in to pick up my preorder, I walked up to the pickup area and asked for my order. The associate walked into the back, came back out carrying just a steelbook case, got about halfway back to the counter, then turned around and went back for reasons unknown to me. When he came out a second time, he was only carrying a copy of the game, not the steelbook. I asked about the steelbook and was told that there were 2 still in the back but they had been "set aside" for other customers. I insisted on getting my steelbook, as they clearly had some since I'd seen him carrying one, but was told no. Another associate came over to assist and said that they would get more in the next day or 2 and that I would be notified when mine was ready and assured me that I would get my steelbook. At that point, I asked if I should even pick up the game now or just come back when the steelbook was there, and was told to pick up the game, everything would be fine and I would get my steelbook. I relented and left with just my game in hand. I came back later in the week and was turned away again, this time being told that they were not getting any more, and that I would not receive my steelbook. Since then, I've been given the runaround from both online and phone support, with no word on actually resolving the issue.


This is absolutely unacceptable to me for a number of reasons:

  1. The earliest reference to the steelbook I found was September 20. My order was placed only 2 days later. I've seen others claim they placed their order much later in October or November. If the "while supplies last" was supposed to be by order date, I should have received mine and they should not have.
  2. I showed up the day it was released and there were still steelbooks in the store when I showed up. If it was by when people entered the store, I should have received my steelbook instead of being told they were "set aside" for other people. Again, I saw the steelbook in the associate's hand. I know for a fact there were steelbook cases still in the store.
  3. I was assured by the associates that I would receive my steelbook and not to worry. Clearly, that was false. The moment Best Buy realized there would not be enough for everyone, they should have informed every employee of this fact so they would not give false promises to customers.


I understand it is a limited item, and that only a limited number of people could get it. The fact this was not a first-come-first-serve is ridiculous and false advertising. Supplies did, in fact, last until I went to pick up my item, yet I did not receive it.


I also didn't receive the DLC, but that is secondary to me. The entire reason I went through Best Buy, actually the entire reason I purchased a physical copy of the game instead of a digital one, was to get the steelbook.

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Re: Missing FF: Crisis Core Reunion Steelbook

Hello, eddievic. 


Thank you for reaching out to us on the Best Buy Forums page. As a gamer, I can understand how you are feeling, and I will see what information I can locate for you today about this Steelbook. To get started, can you please send me a private message with your full name, phone number, email, and order number? 


Thank you,  

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Re: Missing FF: Crisis Core Reunion Steelbook

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Re: Missing FF: Crisis Core Reunion Steelbook

I hope the man above you can help you man. Good luck