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Mass Effect: LE. No release date message

Hi, I preordered Mass Effect Legendary edition prior to its release day being set. It now has an official release date, but my order still says “we will let you know when this is available. No release date has been set.” I’ve seen several posts on this forum from people having this issue with different products (including one person whose monster hunter rise order ended up not even being fulfilled). I’m just trying to see if this order will actually be fulfilled or if I need to to cancel and reorder to actually have it work. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Mass Effect: LE. No release date message

You should not have a problem. If it makes you fell any better you can cancel and re-order.  Keep in mind if you had any special offers at the time of your original pre-order and they are no longer available, you will not get them back.


I have ordered a number of titles in pre-order that did not have a release date a the time of my order, and I got them just fine.

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