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The last of us 2 collectors shipping delay

Now I know there's threads of the last of us 2 orders being cancelled but that's not my issue. I received the email saying it being cancelled was a mistake and it will be available on release date. My main issue is when I check the status of the order it still says a shipping delay. I would like to know if it will be delayed or not.
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Re: The last of us 2 collectors shipping delay

Hello and good evening BMTH.


I'm not a BestBuy specialist, but can keep you informed, I'm in the same situation as you regarding the The Last of Us Part 2 special editions pre-orders being reflected as "Shipping Delayed" o "Delayed", but going to give you a bit of an update, coming from someone that has been assisted by 3 BestBuy Social Media Specialists this week.


When the problem started back on May 29 with the delay email and after we were sent the other email stating that the recent delay mail was sent in error, in the initial topic about this problem we were told: "The appearance of your order in your may not reflect any new status. This is normal, it does not mean your order is still in jeopardy." Also was told the reason our status looks that way is because of a side effect on that error email.


Sadly many confirmed that wasn't the case, and it seems the ones that weren't affected recently were the ones that received the mistake e-mail, I can't imagine if I had been affected by this.


Even though I have my concerns about my status being as delayed, just yesterday got assistance from BestBuy that my order is, according to them by sending them in Private Message our full name, email, phone number and order number, was replied that my order, on their end, looks good, and is currently as "Pre-Order Pending Release" status or also be it as "in an appropriate status for the upcoming release, and in good position to be fulfilled upon release without any issue", that's all I was informed, so all depends from tomorrow to the release date at June 19 2020, also remember when we were sent the mistake e-mail about the error, it states that the next email they will sent will be when the order ships, meaning probably tomorrow at best BestBuy will start to take payments, since they ship orders 5 days prior release date, so right now is best time to check your payment for your order and have the funds ready.


So all depends from tomorrow until release date to see how the orders will end up, hopping this helps in the time being until you get assistance from a BestBuy specialist.


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Re: The last of us 2 collectors shipping delay

@balgrok09 exact same issue here. I'll be coming back to this post to follow-up, but if someone else receives an update before me, post here and let us know the situation.