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Re: Kingdom Hearts 3 at Best Buy

Didn't find this thread til after I chatted, but after clarifying with customer service, they "ran out" of the free keychains last week 1/22, are still showing the offer on multiple pages as documented above by shaun012881, and were when my order was placed sadly after 1/22, they also have plenty of the keychain in stock to buy but now if you want one they're $7. When I manually add the blind box keychain and game to a cart it even still gives the bundle offer disclaimer that items in a bundle will lose their bundle savings if any part of the bundle is returned, but alas no actual bundle savings. Just all around botched job removing the cancelled promo, but I'm told my concern will be sent to the appropriate technical team to properly remove the offer text from all the places it still appears.
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Kingdom Hearts Keychain

I know all preorders that were in had the keychain added to the pre-orders. Are the keychains first come first serve basis on pre-orders?


I have my kingdom hearts pre-ordered from 2015 and my keychain pre-order is not avilable as the store has no more available for pre-orders and I can't make any adjustment due to account issue.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Pre-Order Bonus

I pre-ordered the game on 01/24/2019 through best buy because of the key ring. I picked up the game today and was told my order didn't come with it, and none of the store associates knew why. I also called customer support, and the woman claimed this offer expired. Since Best Buy didn't deilver on their pre order bonus offer, I'm returning the game and buying it from elsewhere out of principal. This was pretty disappointing.
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Kingdome Hearts 3 Pre-Order Not Being Recived

I have seen a lot of posts about the Pre-order bonuses not being recived. This happend to me and the rep that I talked to when I went in the store to pick up my game, which I pre-orderd on the 28th, he got upset saying that I didn't get any of the extras. I then went on best buys website and did a live chat with one of the customer service reps and she got it figured out right away. She even set it up so it would be shipped to my house instead of me having to drive all the way back to best buy. So if anyone else is having these issues I recommend just going throught the live chat and the should get sorted out.

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Re: Kingdom Hearts 3 Pre-Order Bonus

Hello all,


Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns with us regarding the Kingdom Hearts III pre-order bonus keychain.  Now that Kingdom Hearts III is finally here, I hope you’ve all been enjoying the game thus far.


As Sam-BBY has mentioned previously on this thread, due to quantity limitations, Best Buy discontinued the free keychain bonus offer with pre-orders of Kingdom Hearts III on Tuesday, January 22.  Any pre-orders placed after this date would not have qualified for the free keychain.



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