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Hopefully Someone can help me

Good Afternoon.  


I am a little upset,  I write and do unboxing videos for several blogs and sites.  I preordered Resident Evil 8 for the PS5 on April 17th 2021 for store # 420.  I took the day off from my main day job in order to go home, do an unboxing video and review it.  I had made several assurances to my team and editor that this will be done.  

I specifically ordered the deluxe edition of this game.  


On release day, I went into store 420 and was told that the game was not there and that they do not know when it will come in.   God bless the workers at the invidual store because I know that they did not have a hand in anything but taking the order.  I understand the store workers have no control over this, however I became further incensed when I called into the customer service line on the following day to get more information on the delay of this game.  I was told on Saturday May 8th that the game was ready for pickup.  I left during my lunch break in order to go pick up the game in hopes that I can make it up and get what I needed to be done by tonight.  


When I arrived at the store, I was told that the game was not present and it may have been sold to someone else.

Needless to say, this upset me as my expectations were let down once more.


In an attempt to better a worsening situation, Jon (one of my favorite store reps) suggested the idea of shipping the game to my address.  At this point I had not recourse but to, then I found that this game would arrive on Tuesday.  Jon did lobby to get me a discount of 10 percent which was applied to my order, but in all honesty I still feel so grossly inconvenienced by this and I have lost face with my editor as well as lost some of the momentum of doing a review fresh when the game has come out.  


I am seeking someone from management to make this right.  Best Buy is the only store that I buy my electronics from and i have a really good relationship with some of the store workers.  I feel really slighted and I am hoping that management can work something out to make this right.


I appreciate you hearing me, I hope to hear from you all soon.

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Re: Hopefully Someone can help me

Welcome, crossfire757,


Thank you for taking the time to stop by our community forums and letting us know about your experience with this order. I can understand how important it would be to receive this order when expected, especially so you could upload this video as soon as possible. I appreciate you letting us know about your experience so far and am glad to hear that you were able to work with Jon at your local store to find a solution.


​While pre-ordering doesn't always guarantee you'll receive an item on release day, it's the best way to ensure you're one of the first people who will get their hands on a new product. Our goal is to ensure timely delivery or pickup availability of a pre-ordered item on, or around, the actual release date of the product.


While I understand that this experience was disappointing your feedback is important so we can continue to improve the shopping experience in the future. I hope we can welcome you back again soon and provide expert service on your next visit, please don't hesitate to let us know if we can ever be of assistance.

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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