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Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe Pre-order Delayed

I also pre-ordered Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe Edition for XBox series X and found out it is delayed.  Didn't the pre-order page say that they "guaranteed" shipping on or before release date?  


My point of frustration with this is that it came with 72 hours early access and the special pre-order content... and since the pre-order window has now passed I don't have the option to buy it from another retailer or even get the digital edition with the pre-order content.


So much for their guarantee. Very dissappointed.

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Re: Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe Pre-order Delayed

So my journey so far consists of:


  1. Sent private messages to the following starting around 7:30a Eastern this morning: 
    1. Social Media Specialist Deysha-BBY Social Media Specialist
    2. Social Media Specialist Kayden-BBY Social Media Specialist
    3. Social Media Specialist Graham-BBY Social Media Specialist
    4. Social Media Specialist TinaB-BBY Social Media Specialist
    5. Social Media Specialist Trey-BBY Social Media Specialist
    6. Social Media Specialist Sarah-BBY Social Media Specialist
    7. Social Media Specialist KatieR-BBY Social Media Specialist
    8. Social Media Specialist Connor-BBY Social Media Specialist
  2. Spent 45 minutes via Best Buy chat with Geraldin D., in which I was ultimately told to call the 888 number.
  3. Spent 20 minutes on the phone, getting placed on hold when they went to speak with their supervisor and then getting hung up on. No call back even though I was asked for my best call back number.
  4. Called back myself and spoke with May who claimed to be a supervisor. She said that she couldn't do anything to help me and all I could do is wait... and that she would guarantee that I would receive it today or tomorrow.  When I asked what would be my recourse, or what they would do if this guarantee was broken (since the initial guarantee was also broken), I was placed on hold for ~20 mintues and then she came back on the line and told me that they were unwilling to do anything, that they are looking at all of the orders and trying to figure out what to do.  When I brought up the fact that "time" itself was a factor in the equation and asking us to wait without remedy really wasn't an acceptable solution, I was told that I can email a complaint to corporate. I explained that wouldn't solve my issue. I was then placed back on hold for another 10 minutes after which I was told my case had been escalated and I should expect a call back in a few minutes with the outcome.  Total time of this call was ~50 minutes.
  5. It's now been over 30 minutes since we got off the phone, and I have not heard back from anyone.

Throughout this process I offered the suggestion that they could provide the "Digital Download" code/version to those impacted to deal with the time issue, and while that wouldn't include the exclusive preorder content, that once the original orders arrived, that would be included with this, making their customers whole.  Ultimately, they were unwilling to do that or anything else at this point, which tells me the value they place on me as a customer.


They referenced possible supply chain / warehouse issues, but I reminded them that this piece is up to them (as it would be for other retailers), and that they set an expectation with us as consumers when they guaranteed the product would ship on or before February 7th.... and that we would have 72 hours early access and the exclusive pre-order content.  If they set an honest/clear expectation during the pre-order window that they would not be able to fulfill the orders on time, we would have had the opportunity to pre-order from a different retailer who could.... or pre-order the digital version and still get the pre-order content. 

I really hope they do what's right and make us as the customers whole in this process.  



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Re: Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe Pre-order Delayed

6. Over 4 hours have now passed since I was told by May that I'd receive a call back in "just a few minutes" regarding the escalation of my isse ... it appears that was just another lie / broken promise used to get me off the phone. My thread here also has yet to be acknowledged by an admin.

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Re: Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe Pre-order Delayed

7. Sent another private message, this time to 

 - LisaF-BBY
 - Kadian-BBY
 - JoshU-BBY

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Re: Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe Pre-order Delayed

Hello, mschipper,


Thank you for reaching out to us here on the Best Buy Forums. I have reached out to you through your private messages to us, and do look forward to your response there.



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Re: Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe Pre-order Delayed

I have the exact same issue and spoke to several people about this to no solution.
I have the collector’s edition bought and delayed which cost me OVER 300$!
Not only was I hung up on twice but when I was actually responded to I was told that Best Buy doesn’t have ANY of this item in its inventory!
I asked for the digital code at least and waited for
15 mins to get a “we cannot do that”
The 72 hour early access is part of the package we bought and we paid a hefty premium for it!