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Having trouble with Codes2Go Playstation Plus 12-Month Membership + NBA Points purchase

I got the NBA points a few hours after purchasing, but I did not get the Playstation Plus Membership. When BestBuy changed the order status to "shipped", I tried to contact BestBuy support. Eventually after a long 2 weeks wait, they assured me that the single code I got contained both the NBA points and the membership. I contacted Sony and gave them the code to verify if BestBuy was telling the truth, and Sony said that the code only contained the NBA points. Essentially, I have two major companies (BestBuy and Sony) pointing their finger to the other, and I'm the poor customer who is left without my product.

My BestBuy customer service history was somewhat lengthy. I used their webchat twice, about 5 days apart. Their webchat reassured me they would give me the membership, but after chatting with me, BestBuy decided to not grant me the membership. However, they didn't inform me of their change of plans, so I was left for days anxiously checking my email every few hours (and the spam too) waiting for their promise. If they had merely let me know I wouldn't be granted the membership, at least I could move forward emotionally.

I called them 2 weeks after I first contacted them and then they finally called me back and explaining why they changed their minds. They said they are sure that the single code they gave me contained the membership and the NBA points. They suggested that I take the issue up with Sony, because they believe the error lies with Sony.

I know that Sony already told me the code did not contain the 12-month membership. I don't have the physical voucher, because this purchase is digital. What hopes do I have to resolving this issue? The chances are slim, but BestBuy so far seem to believe this issue is "resolved" as they believe they sent the code, yet I am left without my product.

After 2 weeks of lost sleep, today I decided to finally move on and simply write a review. Yet, when I tried to submit my review which I spent 30 minutes writing, BestBuy gave me an error when I confirmed my email, essentially losing my review. I had to retype the review from scratch. This time I made sure to save the review on notepad in case it fails again. Yet, when I submitted it again, I got the same error, and then I contacted a web agent to resolve the issue with my review, but then I just happened to have my first webchat glitch. I can't even submit my review. It seems that fate has not allowed me to simply give up this fight.

It's a shame, because all my other experiences with BestBuy and Codes2Go were great. It's this single instance that left me completely stumped.

After failing to submit my review, I've regained the courage to contact BestBuy again, hence this post.

I'm not certain what future lies in hold for me regarding this order, but I hope that it will eventually be resolved.

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Re: Having trouble with Codes2Go Playstation Plus 12-Month Membership + NBA Points purchase

Hello, TrueNewb,


Welcome to our community forums and thank you for taking the time to reach out to us regarding your PlayStation Plus 12-Month Membership with NBA 2K21 MyTEAM Points purchase. I do most of my shopping online, and can only imagine your surprise to find something missing. I'd certainly like to look further into this to see what happened, and how I can best assist you at this time.


I'd like to begin by reviewing your order. To do so, I will need a bit more information from you. Will you please send me a private message that includes your:


Full name
Email address
Phone number
Order number


You can send me a private message by clicking on the blue button next to my signature. I look forward to hearing back from you.



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