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Gift Card Activation Codes Not Received

Purchase of 4 $15 Meta Quest gift cards at my local bestbuy on 12/27/22, I still have not received my codes.  The Store will not refund or correct the purchase.  My receipt does not have the activation codes on them, I was told to call Customer support, I have talked to them 6 times now and then tell me the can't help me and to go back to the store for them to fix.  I did bestbuy chat support and the told me customer service will help me, I did FB social media chat they told me contact support or Meta Support.  I contacted Meta Support and the told me they don't have info for me and to that I should have had the activation codes on the receipt and they told me go back to the store.  My hands are tied, Bestbuy own support is saying the they can't help and to go back to the store and the store reps tell me to contact support.  This is my kids cash xmas money.  Everyone says they will help but then don't.  Please someone help me figure out what to do, I have proof of purchase but have not received my purchase activation codes.

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Re: Gift Card Activation Codes Not Received

Hello, LupeV713, 


Thanks for reaching out on Forums' Community. I know it's upsetting not have this matter resolved.  I read that you reached out Facebook, was that to us, best buy or was that to Facebook/meta team? Please send a private message, blue button near my name and provide the following.


  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Order Number


Here to assist, 

Jakoma|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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