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Gaming Chair for PS5

Hello Everyone! Need recommendation of you guys in choosing best gaming chair for PS5. My budget is less than 1000$,

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Re: Gaming Chair for PS5

Truely for $1000 you can get a gaming chair that is way overkill. 


Personally I think many of the chairs out there are just major hype. 


For my PS5 I have a overstuffed recliner with leg rest that works just awesome. But it in the middle of my home theater and is also used for TV and movies. 


A recliner takes the pressure off your spine. I prefer that kind of sitting when playing with a controller so I can rest my forarms on my body or a pillow


However, if your looking for something smaller for like a bedroom there are lots of great chairs out there for under $500


I would recommend one that has a mesh construction on the botttom and back. It flexes nicly and keeps you a LOT cooler than a chair with a solid back and bottom. And on hot days you can put a small fan behind you. I have  mest chair in my office with my gaming computer and it is a good all day chair. 


That all being said. Best Buy carries the Razer, Arozi,  and Akraching chairs.


I have not tried a chair from Akracing or Arozi but a friend of mine has the Razer Iskur and I sat in it for a couple hours watching a movie and it was very comfortable 




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